Classification Of Rose Flowers

Classification Of Rose Flowers

If you follow closely about roses you will note that they have different classifications. Just like all plants roses rose are classified from genus to uses. In this case we are going to scrutinize classification of roses while concentrating on uses since we are giving clarity to our clients. On the same note we are giving advise to anyone who might wonder which rose to use for which occasion.

Classification of Rose Flowers –  Wedding Roses

As we know white signifies tidiness, purity and innocence just like the meaning of weddings, then white roses are the perfect choice for such an occasion. Most people have a choice of different colors during their wedding using white roses blend well with other colors. The immaculate conception of weddings associates well with white roses because they reflect light and they are also placed in relation to brides and virgins.

Classification of Rose Flowers – Garden Roses

In private or public gardens rose flowers can be grown and if well tended they give an expensive sophisticated view. Considering there are many types of roses it’s good to look at catalogues on what can look good in the park or your personal garden. Roses such as piano are a perfect for home gardening since they do not emit a lot of fragrance. It is dark red in color on the outside with lighter red on the outside and they look good in the flower vase. Baronesse is perfect for public gardens.

Classification of Rose Flowers – Medicinal Use

In any part of the world that you visit they will tell you that in olden days they had plants that they used for medicinal use. These traditions have been carried forward to date by some tribes though in minimal use. The wild rose that grows freely as shrubs is best known to heal rabid dog bites. Other roses of specific species were known to heal common cold and flu. With the medicine that was extracted from leaves, petals and hips were also used to treat more serious problems such as influenza and diarrhea.

The flower petals, root barks and roots from the wild flower essential oils are extracted from them. They are known to contain the following minerals and vitamins: A,B and K together with iron and potassium. There is the Japanese rose that is used to be taken after meals to aid digestion and also it’s believed to relieve head aches. The Bulgarian traditional rose has rose water extracted from it. The water was used as a moisturizer to treat acne and pimples.

It’s important to learn classification of rose flowers so as to have clear perspective of their uses. This makes it easier if you want to plant in your garden or help a friend make a suitable choice for their wedding.  This knowledge can be combined with genus classification. If you are a rose flower farmer or florist this knowledge is quite important since you might come across a client who wants to buy roses with specific instructions.

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